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Menu of Plant-Based Botanicals

Delta 8

A natural psychoactive compound found within the hemp plant


Flavors: Peach, Mixed Fruit, Blue Razz/Watermelon

Single Gummy: 25mg blue razz edible/30mg Peach Edible/50mg Peach edible/60mg mixed fruit edible $3.00 ea.

Salt water Taffy 30mg (New) – $3.00 ea.

90mg berry edibles – $4.00 ea.


(Bags of more than one Delta-8 edible, you can mix and match any of the above edibles into specialized goodie bags)

6 ct. bag – $15.00

12 ct. bag – $30.00


Flavors – Blueberry Kush, Gelato, Fruity Pebbles, Bubba Kush

1 gram pens- $30.00
(20% off next pen if disposable is returned to cart)

2 gram pens- $40.00


Moonrock Flavors – Sour Diesel, Blackberry Kush, Tropical Pineapple, 24k gold, lemon haze, Blue afgoo, zkittles

Single D8 moonrock Pre roll- $10.00

NEW ITEM IN THREE FLAVORS: Pineapple/Berry/Cherry

10 cigarette ‘Portable Pack’ pack- $20.00

Vape Carts

Flavors – Blue Dream, Watermelon OG, Headband, Berry White

1g cart- $30.00

Locally grown Flower

3.5g Texas Jack D8 flower- $25.00

DELTA-10 (New product)

(Delta-10 is described as a more sativa like head high. It is psychoactive)


Flavors – Blue candy Kush/ Ekto cooler / Wedding cake

1 gram pens- 30.00


Flavors- Hawaiian Haze / Cookies&Cream

1 gram carts: $30.00


Tropical Punch 40mg per

Single- $3.00 10 ct. bag- $25.00


A stimulating Plant Alternative, comes in different veins with differing effects


White– For energy/focus
Red– for pain/soreness
Green– For mood lifting/ anxiety
Maeng Da– Euphoria/ Power

TO-GO Bags

Small (10g) $5.00 / Large (1oz) $20.00


Kratom extract infused hibiscus tea- $6.00
Kratom raw tea bags-$6.00
Kratom Drink- $5.00
(mixed with orange juice, grapefruit juice, chocolate almond milk)


A calming anxiety eraser

Kava Shot – $6.50
LEILO – $6.00


Decreases inflammation, calms the mind

Hemp Pre-rolls

Hemp Flavors – Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Lemon Haze

Single hemp pre-roll- $6.00


100mg Peach flavored CBD 5ct.- $10.00

600mg Peach flavored CBD 30 ct. $25.00

Mushroom Tinctures

– Powerful fungi that promote health and well being

Maitake Tincture 2 Fl oz- $25.00

(A mushroom known for its anti-cancer properties and its benefical effects on cardiovascular health)

Lions Mane Tincture 2 Fl oz- $25.00

(A mushroom to improve brain health and boost focus)

Reishi/Elderberry Tincture 6 Fl oz- $35.00

(A strong antiviral and antioxidant combo, filled with vitamins/polysaccharides)


Good stuff energy pastry- $3.00 (Coming Soon)

Nature’s Bakery- $1.50

RX BAR- $3.00


Bottled FIJI Water- $2.00

Life Water- $2.00

Spindrift- $2.00

Mushroom Mojo (New product!!)

A blend of active mushrooms, adaptogens and nootropics combined together in a powder that you can mix into any drink. This mushroom blend is used to help boost productivity and cognitive function! Ask about it!!

Work blend (Dose :2 Tablespoons) – $5.00 per dose bag or drink

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