About Us

Providing Convenience in a Calming Package

What we are about!

Botana-Cart is a mobile cart vendor located in Carrboro NC. The owners are Dedicated to providing the best sourced and most effective botanicals grown locally and throughout the world. The shop is operated on a 600 pound bicycle cart that’s completely Carbon free and battery powered. Along with providing the best alternatives around we also have a goal to give back to the earth and protect the surrounding environments we source these wonderful plant remedies from. They heal us, now let’s heal them!

Who We Are

CEO Brandon Srinath taking a joyride around town!
CEO Hunter Bolesky foraging for mushrooms at Battle Park!

The owners are Hunter Bolesky and Brandon Srinath who had the idea for the company in early 2021. By Collaborating over the course of a couple months with the help of friends within the Oasis at Carmill Mall the Botana-Cart started to mainfest . The initial idea was to provide a underground community space in which local musicians and friends could come together. This simple idea was the foundation for what the Botana-Cart became. It was a statement and a bridge that everyone could connect on. Everyone is part of this movement. Instead of having togetherness and community happen in enclosed spaces the Botana-Cart brought it outside to the streets for everyone to experience anywhere they step. After discussing some ideas for how to could incorporate everyone into the three wheeled rolling caravan party, this bicycle cart was born. Providing the community with plant based alternatives directly. Now the cart sports a magic carpet on it’s canopy as it floats effortlessly through the streets of Carrboro/Chapel Hill. If you see us wave because you’re part of the story now.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to help strengthen the community by offering the alternative of botanicals. These plant alternatives are a growing movement that’s gaining momentum everyday. We want to be a forerunner for change. We want to transform the surrounding area into a haven for our generation and others. By working with and representing the community we hope to grow it and allow others to join this mission for change.


Cart Launch!

We recently launched our cart to great success. Here in the photos you can see what our cart looks like. The second photo is a photo of us with our mentor, Robert Roskind.

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